Through a combination of our own employees and exclusive contractors, Shoreline Property Services LLC acts as a facilitator for the most common property maintenance requests. Our agreements are customized for each client and we can either act as an ongoing intermediary or provide one-time services. With either option, our clients benefit from our company’s effective execution of three key components:

vendor-iconVendor Management

  • Vendors and contractors in fields across the service industry are screened by us for quality assurance. We check references and maintain the appropriate licensing and insurance requirements on file for each contractor.
  • Costs are controlled through exclusive agreements with each vendor that outline the rates for their respective fields in advance. No time spent comparing bids.
  • Jobs are inspected and priced by our company immediately and then offered to qualified vendors on a first come first serve basis. Eliminate the hassle and cost of meeting with multiple contractors.

services-iconService Orders

  • Our company inspects, diagnoses, and coordinates the service call. All vendors work directly under our supervision and liability.
  • Vendors providing ongoing services are easily replaced at no cost if issues arise. Avoid last minute contractor-shopping.
  • Multiple trades and services under one umbrella. Call one number to coordinate all maintenance requests.

bill-management-iconBill Consolidation

  • Minimize accounts payable. Receive one invoice at the end of each month for all services rendered.
  • Manage your exposure. Our master insurance policy covers all of our contractors, so one certificate is all you’ll need.
  • Simplify yearly tax liabilities. Issue one MISC-1099 for all contractor work. You pay us; we pay our contractors.